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15 November 2017 16:00Skyddsrummet

Welcome to Esport Meetup. 

Esport Meetup is built around one simple idea: connect esport and gaming brands, companies, influencers, organisations to share the things that matter to us.

Esport Meetup brings the most interesting people from the esport and gaming ecosystem together during a casual afternoon and evening where the participants have the opportunity to listen to keynotes, meet with esport and gaming startups and share their passion and ideas.

Esport meetup is arranged by Wehype with biannually support from Stockholm Invest the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm.

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Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat
Co-owner of Room On Fire, Host and commentator.


Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat is one of the most recognised personalities in esports and have been a vital part of building the  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community where he have been working with all the top events and competitions as a commentator & analysts.

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Mats Enquist
Svensk Elitfotboll, Generalsekreterare, CEO

Elitfotboll & Esports

Svensk Elitfotboll is an association of all clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan. The task of Svensk Elitfotboll is to be the leader in the development of Swedish elite football at club level sportsmanship, financial, commercial and administrative.

Mats Enquist, Generalsekreterare, CEO will speak on how Svensk Elitfotboll works with esports and how esport can be featured at Svensk Elitfotbolls member clubs.
[This keynote will be in Swedish]

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Jakob Lund Kristensen
RFRSH Entertainment, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Media Rights & Sponsorship

RFRSH Entertainment is an esports marketing and media rights company working with a growing number of the best esports teams - established organizations as well as a new crop of player-owned teams. RFRSH Entertainment represent the team’s commercial and media rights, connecting them with the top brands in the world for sponsorships and marketing agreements. 

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Andjela Kusmuk
Tech Nerd & Esport Chronicler

Crash Course - Esport History

Andjela have been hooked on e-sports since 2009 and works with several different companies as advisor and as freelance editor for publications like Aftonbladet Esport and Break It. Her main passion is the gaming community and the growth of the e-sports industry.

Andjela will do a crash course in esport history presenting the most defining moments from the history of esports.

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Esport Meetup Open

Pre mingle & expo

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Esport Meetup starts

Opening, welcome to the event speech and Crash Course - Esport History

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Keynote - Mats Enquist - Svensk Elitfotboll

Mats Enquist, Generalsekreterare, CEO at Svensk Elitfotboll will speak on how Svensk Elitfotboll works with esports and how esport can be featured at Svensk Elitfotbolls member clubs.

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Svensk Elitfotboll, Generalsekreterare, CEO

Short break


Keynote - Jakob Lund Kristensen - RFRSH Entertainment

Jakob  Lund Kristensen, Executive Director & Co-Founder at RFRSH Entertainment will speak about Media rights, sponsorship  and marketing agreements in esports.

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RFRSH Entertainment, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Expo mingle & After Event Bar


Esport Meetup Closes

Joseph Michael

Joseph is head of Startups at Invest Stockholm (City of Stockholm)

Gustaf Smith

Gustaf is the Co-Founder and COO of Wehype

Fredrik Nyström

Fredrik is the Product Manager of Wehype Esport Meetup